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We are excited to  announce that our feature film Redemption Value will be released and available at Christian Cinema. You are encouraged to go to to view the trailer and rent or purchase our film.

DVD's will be available soon on this website, so please visit us again for updates and consider purchasing one for yourself.

We hope you enjoy the film and please tell all your friends and family about this feature. As well as being entertaining, we hope that Redemption Value inspires you to know that you too have great value in the eyes of the Lord.

Redemption Value the movie


Doug Reed is homeless. A once productive member of society is now himself on skid row. His external struggle of living on the streets, redeeming bottles and cans for money, and searching out his next meal, is a reflection of his internal struggle: the battle over his self-worth.

Doug’s day to day life is all about reclaiming discarded cans and bottles from dumpsters, trash bins and byways. His attempts at getting a little ahead in life are always thwarted by his ever present circumstances. He feels rejected and despised. Constantly reminded by the general public that he belongs to a different and disgraced culture. His personal prison is perpetuated by his refusal to give up his flask of whiskey.

An unsuspecting opportunity is presented to Doug by means of a counselor with a homeless shelter. Jordy Fisher, an employee with Compassion House, takes a unique interest is Doug’s plight and seeks to befriend him. Doug is wary of Jordy’s attentiveness and so rejects his kindness at first.

Jordy’s own life’s journey in some ways mirrors Doug’s which compels him to intervene. Recognizing Doug is in need of God’s grace of redemption, Jordy begins to devote his time and energy to sharing the Gospel with him. He begins with small acts of kindness, such as giving Doug a sleeping bag to keep him warm at night.

On the streets, there is a strange safety within his small circle of friends. Even though Maggie’s own troubles are depressive, her permeating optimism has its influence on Doug. He trusts her, but continues to reject the notion that he can be deserving of any good.

Over a period of time, Doug’s shell begins to chip away, but the battle within keeps raging against his sense of value. The small bits of encouragement Doug receives along the way begins to reshape his thinking. He starts to experience some successes and even believes there could be hope for a better life.

That hope is dashed when Doug is physically beaten and left for dead. All the encouragement and help he received along the way means nothing to him now. His physical condition overwhelms his mental attitude and overshadows his view of any progress beyond this reality.

Another tragic event changes the course of his life once again. Rejecting everything and everyone in his world, leads him to a place and moment of total spiritual desolation.

Broken, he eventually recognizes that his true value doesn’t come from things in this life, but from the redemption of his soul. Crying out to God in the midst of his own personal wilderness is his last hope and vestige of receiving his sanctity. God hears his cries. Doug finally realizes that his true self-worth in is the incredible value of Christ’s redemptive blood.


Redemption Value Trailer

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About The Movie



One homeless man's journey leads him to a discovery for more valuable than riches.


Director and Cast

Written and directed by John Maniaci, Redemption Value includes performances from many talented and accomplished actors telling a great story.


Crew/On Location

This film could not be made without the dedication of an awesome crew using their God-gifted talents. Shot entirely within Sacramento and Placer Counties, this movie takes advantage of the high production values in and around our locale.

Premiere: November 3, 2018

We are happy to announce the premiere of our long anticipated feature film Redemption Value on November 3, 2018 at

Life Community Church, 10020 Foothills Blvd., Roseville, CA 95747. Doors open at 6:00 pm and film begins at 6:30 pm. Purchase advance tickets here.